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Welcome to Allegro Equestrian

 Allegro Equestrian is a premiere, friendly, family-oriented hunter/jumper barn. We offer riding lessons, summer camp, horse training, boarding, leasing, birthday parties, and personal equestrian care at affordable prices. There is something for everyone at Allegro Equestrian.

“We focus on Quality over Quantity!!!”

Our vision is to equip riders with the mental and physical principals to develop true understanding and communication with their horse. We do this through providing an environment that encourages a supportive and goal-oriented community of competitive equestrians. We understand that our dedication to success deeply relies on the care that we provide for our equine athletes. Because of this, we provide individualized care to help them each feel and perform their best.

About Allegro Equestrian

Allegro Equestrian is a rare place for horse and rider of both english and western disciplines to find high quality training services. Come be a part of the variety of affordable programs we offer for all types of riders, competitive and recreational. From exercising your show mount to a young foal’s very first week of training, at Allegro Equestrian we’re sure we can meet your training needs. If we don’t have a training plan already made up to fit your needs, we make it our priority to customize the right program just for you! 
Located in Haysville KS. Schedule a tour or lesson today! 


Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.


Word on the Street

Christi Mills

Our 8 year old is and has been obsessed with horses since she could walk. We’ve been to countless instructors over the past 5 years but nobody ever stuck. We were looking for something more than just a 30 minute lesson on a horse. We wanted to find someone who would not only teach her how to ride but who would also teach her how to care for horses. Out of the blue we stumbled upon Allegro Equestrian and all of a sudden everything started to click for Brynn. Rachael and Brynn set a goal a couple of months ago and now Brynn can canter with her favorite horse and will continue to learn. Seriously, for those of you in the Wichita area there is no one better. If you’ve got a kiddo interested in riding OR if you are interested in riding, Rachael is your girl!


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Proudly sponsored by CWD

CWD Sellier provides Rachael with high quality jumping saddles. CWD combines traditional manufacturing techniques with quality raw materials and innovative technology to create saddles that promote the best performance of both horse and rider.


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7620 S. Grove St Haysville KS 67060


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