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Our Trainers


Rachael Ann Burgess

Head Trainer

Rachael is the owner and head trainer of Allegro Equestrian, in Derby Kansas. Rachael was born and raised in Los Angeles CA. She spent most of her equestrian career competing on the west coast.  Rachael  is dedicated to producing riders and horses that are competitive at local, national and international levels in both the hunter and jumper rings. She has been on the competitive show circuits in the US both a competitor and trainer for over 15 years. Along the way, Rachael has earned numerous certifications, awards and honors. Rachael’s lifelong commitment to training upcoming generations of riders and horses provides the tools, time, persistence, focus and discipline necessary for the Allegro Equestrian team to be reliable contenders wherever Allegro Equestrian travels. Rachael Brauer builds equestrian athletes through physical and mental skill development in order for each individual to achieve her/his goals as beginner through Grand Prix riders. Additionally, Rachael’s international networking with top professionals such as; Richard Spooner, David began, Joe Thorpe, Justin Resnick, Steve mcallister, Jenni Martin  brings top talent and expertise to all Allegro Equestrian riders through clinic and coaching opportunities. 

What drives Rachael to be a horse trainer:

 It's the challenge of making two minds think as one harmonious unit as well as fulfilling my personal need to nurture the majestic equine. The horse is a life long educator. He has given me the life skills to be more confident and responsible. To be a better decision maker and problem solver. When you think, "You've Got This!", the horse humbles you.

I found that I was good at riding, reading the horse's unique language and communicating my wishes to him. I enjoy teaching children and adults about what has become my passion. There is no way I can explain how it makes me feel when a rider is successful in what they set out to do with the horse, or to watch a horse take exceptional care of the youngest or special needs rider. There are no words to explain the feeling you get when you watch a horse that has so much heart, when he is sick or injured, never give up and still put in 150% when you know it's not there to give.


Rachel Foss

Riding Instructor

Rachel Foss has been teaching at Allegro Equestrian since May 2021. Rachel grew up right here in Wichita, KS. She has experience in both western and English riding as she has been riding for 17 years and has competed at the local and national level for 10 years in hunt seat equitation and pleasure, hunter hack, and western pleasure. Rachel is excited about helping riders learn, grow, and develop as well as gain confidence in themselves while in the saddle and out of the saddle.


Mercedes LeeAnn Walker

Riding Instructor / Camp Director

Mercedes is from Wichita, KS. She has been riding horses since a very young age. Mercedes has been with Allegro Equestrian since Sept 2020. Although Mercedes show experience isn’t as extensive as the other Trainers at Allegro Equestrian, Mercedes has a long history of teaching special needs students in a classroom setting. Mercedes is great at understanding and accepting students for who they are. This means not just helping them overcome their weaknesses but assisting them in finding and developing their talents too.

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